My Story
This is me.

Culture. Philosophy. Team.
Your Partner.

We all have our own story. This is mine.

WayFillian originated out of a passion for making a difference to brands, to people, to businesses. Yours, Ours. Together. With roots in both traditional and digital marketing back to the early 90’s, I started as an enthusiast who had a vision to show their talent worldwide. Over the next two decades, I grew, led, and managed many of the top advertising and marketing agencies in the South Africa.

Taking this knowledge forward, WayFillian was born. A fresh, motivated individual, with an indomitable spirit to build strong connections, and lasting relationships, with clients which re-invent the way in which they should engage, partner and deliver. I have accumulated expert level knowledge in many industries ranging from FMCG, Financial, Corporate, Technology, Automotive, Beauty, Fashion, Food and Beverage to name a few. I have helped brands launch, expand, and re-imagine themselves.

WayFillian’s purpose of Creativity Takes Courage are the words I live by, in everything I do. Every story I tell, every brand I build, every campaign I deliver and in every interaction I create, whether it’s with you, my clients, or with each other.

Cultural Belief

I support an inclusive culture, entrepreneurial outlook and independent thinking. Being yourself at work is an integral part of who I am and what I stand for. It is removing barriers and encouraging authenticity and creativity in the workplace. I love being a part of something bigger than myself.

My Philosophy

To deliver excellence that influences, persuades and motivates change to its intended audience while positively impacting the value of a brand. My strongest belief is direct or online collaboration with my clients is essential to bringing unique engaging experiences to life with a vision of increasing brand equity.